Pelagic Trailers

Australia's Best Designed and Built Boat Trailer


PHA Marine have been at the forefront of Aluminium Boat Trailer design for over a decade. Using the latest in 3D CAD modeling software and CNC cutting practices we can design and build a custom boat trailer like no other

We only use DNV certified 5083 & 5052 Plate Aluminium in our trailers, Why? Because of its simply better than the 6000 series extruded aluminium profiles used by our competitors, the DNV certified plate has a much higher tensile & yield strength than 6061 extruded sections and is not as pronto fatigue and cracking. As we are starting off with flat CNC cut parts that are pressed into shape we are not limited to restricted off the shelf profiles like you would see on a bolt together trailer doing this gives PHA Marine the advantage of making the chassis to any size we desire.

We at PHA Marine are always reinventing the wheel when it comes to design and durability, we have spent the last few years eliminating Galvanised parts from our trailers due to in inconsistency in the Galvanizing process and finish "Gal just isn't what it used to be" and because of the inconsistency we are now Ceramic coating all mild steel components. This process is expensive but it has eliminated all dissimilar metal contact corrosion and greatly increased the lifespan of the mild steel parts.

When doing all of the above and adding high-end components such as Hella LED lighting and DeeMaxx braking equipment the finished product is levels above the competition.


If you are after the best aluminium boat trailer that fits your boat perfect and loads, unloads and tows like no other contact us Today.