Commercial Boats

Pha Welding & Marine provide a full commercial boat service.

We have a large range of Charter and Commercial vessels on hand and each commercial vessel is computer designed to meet the demanding requirements of the Australian Uniform Shipping Laws (USL) Code and Australian Standards AS 4132. Our range of ‘Pelagic Boats’ are engineered and constructed to current Australian standards Survey Specifications.

Most of our commercial vessels are designed from the ground up with input from the client; we find this to be the best way to design a boat that is suited to the client’s needs and requirements. PHa Welding & Marine Vessels are firstly designed to customer’s specifications through collaboration between Design Manager Daniel Hemming and the Customer. Daniel then prepares the specification and design floor plane/layout for our Navel Architect  who then generates a 3D model to confirm structural suitability, wave simulation testing, weight and powering estimates outlined by the customers specifications. This enables us to test the vessel suitability and safety prior a single piece of material is cut.

All our boats are constructed from marine grade 5083 aluminium, every part is fully welded and for parts such as the keel, chine & side sheets they are welded on both sides of the join in fact where the 2 bottom sheets meet at the keel there is a total of 5 full length welds from the bow to transom thus giving an incredibly strong joint.

Our fully welded stringers are made from a 50mm x 6mm cut section running the full length of the hull and spaced at 250mm centers. The full height frames are placed over the stringers at 650mm centers and are then fully welded in place.

This construction method is very time consuming but gives unbeatable strength and reliability, we use this construction method throughout our entire range of boats including the “Pelagic Boats” range.